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All our systems, built and sold by The Glitch Lab, are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which lasts the lifetime of the system.

From the moment we ship the computer, you are covered by our warranty. Damage during transit will be covered by us – you can either opt to exchange the broken part with us yourself or send the system back for us to repair.

We cover hardware failures on all components. Accidents, spills, tampering, overclocking (beyond motherboard and XMP presets), and personal upgrades are not covered and will void our warranty. We reserve the right to inspect all malfunctioning systems and repair/replace at our discretion.

Having software issues? Things not running right? Don't worry, we're here to help! Included with your warranty is free troubleshooting support, forever. We'll help you with resetting your PC, diagnosing issues with performance, component upgrades, and everything in between. Just send us a text or an email and we'll try to get back to you within 48 hours!

Read our full Limited Lifetime Warranty policy below.

The Glitch Lab Limited Lifetime Warranty

  1. Glitch Group LLC and its officers, agents, asignees, and employees (hereinafter may be referred to as “THE COMPANY” or “COMPANY) offers to its customers an exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty (the “Limited Lifetime Warranty”) on all new desktop computers purchased from THE COMPANY (hereinafter may be referred to as the “PRODUCT”). This Limited Lifetime Warranty is a guarantee that a customer of THE COMPANY who purchases a new computer will not have to pay for labor, troubleshooting, or service charges related to any covered computer system during the lifetime of the PRODUCT. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is only offered to the original buyer of the system and cannot be transferred. This Limited Lifetime Warranty also only applies to the original PRODUCT and only to upgrades performed by the COMPANY.
  2. The Glitch Lab and COMPANY warrants to the original purchaser that the covered hardware, excluding software, will be free of defects in workmanship and components for the warranty period beginning from the date of delivery to the customer. During the applicable warranty period, the company will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, the defective or malfunctioning hardware system or components. Parts used for replacement will not be guaranteed to be identical, but will perform the same.
  3. If the PRODUCT is defective within the first thirty (30) days from the customer’s initial receipt of the system, the customer may obtain service under the terms of the Limited Lifetime Warranty by informing, in writing, THE COMPANY of the customer’s intent to seek a repair or replacement under the Limited Lifetime Warranty. The customer must insure the system by obtaining shipping or freight insurance coverage equal to the full purchase price of the system. If service is requested within the first thirty (30) days of ownership, The Glitch Lab will reinburse reasonable shipping costs, including shipping or freight insurance, if within the continental United States. Outside of the continental United States, the customer must pay for shipping both ways.
  4. If service is requested after the first (30) days of ownership, the customer must pay for shipping and insurance back to The Glitch Lab and COMPANY. Within the first year (365 days) of purchase, The Glitch Lab and COMPANY will provide shipping back to the customer. After the first year (365 days) ownership, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs to and from THE COMPANY.
  5. Products sent in for authorized service or exchange must be shipped in its original packaging and insured with shipping or freight insurance. The customer is responsible for any damages that occur before THE COMPANY receives the PRODUCT for authorized service or exchange.
  6. PRODUCT must be kept in a clean condition. This means regularly dusted, kept off the floor away from animals and children. If damage is suspected to be caused by neglect, the Limited Lifetime Warranty will be voided.
  7. Repairs, upgrades, or aftermarket installations on any covered computer system are not covered by, and will therefore void, the Limited Lifetime Warranty on the purchased PRODUCT. Upgrades and modifications must be made by The Glitch Lab and COMPANY in order to maintain Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage for the life of the system.
  8. Physical damage, abuse, neglect, liquid damage, damage caused by shipping or transit, misapplication of the PRODUCT, repair modification, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, power fluctuations and surges, lightning or improperly regulated power, are not covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty and will therefore void all future coverage.
  9. Overclocking of any component beyond its manufacture specified limits performed by anyone other than THE COMPANY shall void any and all coverage of the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  10. Changes to firmware, and mishandling of drivers and other hardware-related software may destroy or render components non-operational. All computers and components built by The Glitch Lab are ready for use and thoroughly tested. Updates to firmware, drivers, and other hardware-related software resulting in part failure are not covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  11. The use of illegally obtained software or data instantly voids the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  12. Used equipment is sold as-is and is not covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  13. There are no warranties, express or implied, which are not written herein.
  14. The Glitch Lab is not responsible for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of data or software, inadvertent disclosure of data, or loss of files during a repair or exchange. All data must be backed up prior to requesting a repair or exchange. If a password remains on the computer after THE COMPANY receives it, THE COMPANY reserves the right to charge a fee in relation to how difficult it is to examine, test, and repair the PRODUCT. The customer specifically agrees and understand that this document is intended to limit the liability of the company for any data loss that may occur. The customer warrants that there is not illegal data or software content on any computer sent into COMPANY for service or exchange.
  15. Each of the following system components is limited to one (1) replacement over the lifetime of the PRODUCT’s lifespan: video card, motherboard, power supply, memory, storage, and CPU.
  16. Warranty repairs or service do not extend the length of the Warranties and any computer left unclaimed for over fourteen (14) days following completion of repairs or exchanges becomes the property of The Glitch Lab and COMPANY permanently.
  17. Although warranty does not expressly forbid crypto mining, abuse of components due to mining shall void the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  18. Using the PRODUCT in a smoking environment will instantly void the Limited Lifetime Warranty.


We ship (nearly) anywhere worldwide. All of our GPU builds are packed with Instapak Quick RT and fully insured during transit.

Please allow 3-5 days for testing and handling.


Custom commissions are typically built and shipped within 4-5 business days, and generally take less than one week to arrive to you after completion.

We're super fast.


We have personalized tech support and a lifetime warranty, included with each system purchase. If you need to return, we make it painless and fast.

Read our returns policy.